Why You Should ALWAYS Check Out Online Dates With SafeSwipe Before Meeting Them In Person

Why You Should ALWAYS Check Out Online Dates With SafeSwipe Before Meeting Them In Person

Online dating can be rewarding — but also very dangerous. The good news is that SafeSwipe can give you peace of mind by helping you learn more about your dates before you meet them.

When you're swiping past so many profile pictures, it's easy to forget that you know nothing about them. (Even if they seem fun, cute, and occasionally romantic.) Unfortunately, when you're using apps like Tinder and Bumble, it's tough to tell who is the real deal — and who is covering up dangerous secrets from their past.

Meeting up with the wrong person can put you in a dangerous situation. That's why online daters protect themselves with SafeSwipe, an app that makes it simple to uncover the truth about almost anyone.

To help you date safely, I'll share with you a few essential tips about this amazing online tool. Read this to the end — everyone should know about this.

Stay Safe While Dating Online

Online dating sites are a playground for people with bad intentions. Abusive and deceitful people can create entirely new identities for themselves. It would probably take weeks or even months for them to show their true colors.

But when you look up their detailed background report from SafeSwipe, it can tell you information they don’t reveal in their online dating profile.

Whenever you start chatting with someone new, you should look them up online. They might not even ask to meet you in person right away, especially if they try to scam you into sending them money.

SafeSwipe is one of the best ways you can figure out if you're talking to someone legit. This site compiles background information on almost any adult American citizen. Information is pulled directly from public records databases, including court dockets, police reports, property ownership records, and social media profiles, and other official sources.

Are you ready to see if your online dates are who they say they are? SafeSwipe can help you paint a full picture. Just search for their first and last name, along with their last-known location!

Avoid Getting Catfished With SafeSwipe

Many people on dating sites assume a fake identity for the purpose of deceiving people. But SafeSwipe can help you avoid getting duped.

Don't worry — I have a few tips for you that will help reduce your chances of getting catfished. Before you meet up with anyone in person or send them your personal information, scope out the following details:

  • Number of Friends on Social Media: Fake accounts tend to have fewer connections, so that's one of the first indicators that you're dealing with a fake.
  • Photos: Friends and family won't be seen in any photos posted by a catfish.
  • Related Persons: If the related persons on their SafeSwipe report look like real family members, that's a great indicator that you're talking to a real person.
  • Tags: If none of their photos feature any tags, you should question their authenticity.

SafeSwipe can give you many of these details, but it can also provide so much more valuable information than you'd expect. Run a background search on them as soon as you get their full name, just to be safe!

Use SafeSwipe To Get Ready For Your First Date

Maybe your online date looks fine on Google, and their social media profiles seem legit — but something still rubs you the wrong way. People are using SafeSwipe to find the evidence they need to make informed decisions.
When you pull someone's background report, you can discover details like:

  • Location History: Are they telling you the truth about where they grew up and lived?
  • Jobs and Education: Do you have any common friends from school or from a previous employer?
  • Social Media Profiles: Their report may include social media profiles you never knew existed!
  • Aliases: Are they known under a different name in other circles?
  • Criminal Records: SafeSwipe lists everything from traffic violations to evictions and even felonies, when available.

A SafeSwipe report might even tell you if your online date is registered as a sex offender. That's definitely a red flag, and you should stop interacting with them right away. If their only violation is a minor traffic ticket, then they might be worth your time.

No matter if you've been dating online for a while or you've just started, if you care about your safety, use SafeSearch to look up your next date. SafeSearch is an essential public records search engine that combines information from millions of real records, generating background reports that are easy to read and understand.

Want to stay safe and informed today? Start your first search with SafeSwipe.